WITTA Representatives Attend the Opening Ceremony of WITTA Regional Office in Central China

Issuing time:2017-10-23 00:00


       On October 19, 2017, Prof. ZHAO Junfeng, Dean of School of Interpreting and Translation Studies, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Secretary General of China National Committee for Translation & Interpreting Education, and Secretary General of the World Interpreter and Translator Training Association (WITTA), Mr. MAI Wen, Deputy Secretary General of WITTA, and some others visited Hunan Normal University (HNU), where they attended the ceremony for the establishment of the WITTA Regional Office in Central China. President of HNU, JIANG Hongxin, was invited by WITTA to serve as a Senior Advisor.

       Prof. DENG Yingling, Dean of Foreign Studies College, NNU, made an opening speech. She said that the WITTA Regional Office in Central China was intended to promote the integration of culture with technology, take projects as the driving force and make the research and practice internationalized and industrialized, with a view of promoting a fruitful cooperation.


Prof. DENG Yingling

       Prof. ZHAO Junfeng extended his sincere congratulations on the establishment of the WITTA Regional Office in Central China. He also talked about the mission of WITTA, hoping that the new WITTA Regional Office can play its part in disseminating the Huxiang culture across the world.


Prof. ZHAO Junfeng

       The two sides signed an agreement on strategic cooperation, marking the opening of the WITTA Regional Office in Central China. At the following ceremony, Prof. ZHAO presented a certificate to Prof. DENG Yingling, who was invited to serve as an executive council member of WITTA. Prof. CAO Bo and Prof. JIANG Lihua were invited to sit on the WITTA Committee of Big Data Curriculum Development.


Group photo

       After the ceremony, Prof. ZHAO gave a lecture entitled "the Concept and Principle of T & I Talent Cultivation". He shared his own translation practice with the audience through examples in his newly published translation works of My Bookstore and New Approach to Legal Translation. He summarized the concept of T & I training as an undertaking that should be innovation-led, industry-driven and profession-oriented.

       The WITTA Regional Office in Central China is one of the seven WITTA regional offices across China. Its establishment would help strengthen the interdisciplinary research and promote the T & I training.